Carrie Savage


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Carries Bio

Carries BIO

Carrie Leigh Savage was born on June 30,1988 in Bristol,Tennessee.She lived in Bristol for three years,then moved with her parents,Steve and Sharon to Lynnville,Tennessee.After moving to Lynnville her mother had her little sister Hannah.Carrie was writing music and singing at the very young age of 7 years old.Carrie has also been dancing since the age of 5 years old.After 6 years Carries mom had another baby Caleb,this time a boy.By then Carrie had been singing for a long time.Now it was time to see how much talent she really had.She began taking voice lessons at the age of 9 years old.Her teacher thought Carrie had alot of potential to become a professional singer.

A few years later Carrie decided to try to go public with her music career.Carrie,now 12 began work on a demo tape.After manager Max Martin at Jive records heard the tape he was amazed at how much talent Carrie had.He signed her on with the label,then Carrie began work on her first album.After being released for awhile,the album began to get noticed and went on to sell over 150,000 copies.Carrie was now a girl living her dream.


Photos of Carrie coming soon!

Carries Favorites

Fave Movies-Titanic,Crossroads
Fave Shows-Friends,That 70s Show
Fave Singers-Mariah Carey,Shakira

Fave Actors-Ben Affleck,Shane West
Fave Actresses-Julia Roberts,Gwenyth Paltrow