Carrie Savage


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Here you will find lyrics to some of Carries songs!

"Wherever You Are" written by-Shakira-music by-Tim Mitchell

When i first saw you in my dreams i was amazed.
I loved the way the sunlight hit your face.
You were the perfect one for me.
I loved the way you saw things.
I have never even met you but i know somewhere you are out there.
And wherever you are im thinking of you tonight.
I know someday i will see you but until then ill dream of you.
wherever you are.
I know i need to let things go.I need to move slow.
But baby its just too much for me to take.I cant wait to hold you.I cant wait to see you.
I have never met you but i know your out there somewhere.Ill just dream of you tonight.
Wherever you are im thinking of you tonight.
I cant wait to hold you tight.Wherever you are.
And baby i know that we are a million miles apart but wherever you are youll always be in my heart.
wherever you are im dreaming of you tonight.
wherever you are.

Shakira wrote "Wherever You are"!